You are a certified diver , you are looking for a holiday diving outside the "box", almost unexplored sites, wreck dives, drift dives, canyon and cave dives, deep dives on the drop off, on remote islands or participate with us in the discovery and opening of new sites…

Do not repeat the same dive sites, each dive will be different, you never replongerez twice on the same site unless you want !
Come with Trek Divers !!! !
You are accompanied by somebody, friend(e), family, child; non-diver, don't worry about them, we will introduce them to the islands : during your underwater day, they will have many opportunities to work.
You are looking for freedom, the possibility to choose the destination, enjoy more long to a place that you like, change cap or project for the day in complete freedom.
Come with Trek Divers !!!

You are looking for privacy, with your friends, your family, a yacht just for you !

So Welcome aboard the Twin Spirit !