Who has never dreamt of sunken treasures ?

Old haunt of Pirates, the Seychelles, rich in history and legend, lost Galleon at the bottom of the Indian Ocean make this region an unexpected destination for wreck divers.

Whether or not there are numerous referenced wrecks on the sea area of the Seychelles.
The remoteness of these exceptional sites limits the number of visitors to only a few divers per year.

Exceptional wildlife is, Loches, Groupers, Rays, Gigantic size sharks are often there and nowhere else ! Not to mention the schools of tuna, giant trevally, Fusiliers, and countless other inhabitants.
Many wrecks are still to be discovered.

Our ship, the Twin Spirit, will allow you to dive on a large number of them.
Thanks to its autonomy, to speed travel and its electronic detection equipment, guests may discover a treasure swallowed up over your dives.
If you feel a soul of Explorer, you to try through the tracking and discovery of new wrecks.

Underwater scooters used the first most effective tracking dives.

Our business, It is also the discovery and referencing new dive Sites, You can help us in our task if desired !
So far, We offer explorations on 9 different wrecks. (hoping that this figure will be increased when you come see us !)