Night Dive

Then, This is for tonight this night dive ?

A this perspective, some seethe impatience, others have cold sweats. It is true that a night dive is always a moment of exception. Darkness and a scent of mystery envelops the boat, Diurnal wildlife can be easily approach, night wildlife is booming. Not to mention this so particular atmosphere where the eye clings to light brushes with lights that intertwine in the dark.

This is a very different approach in scuba diving.

Indeed, a same spot visited the day, will appear completely different night.
Fauna, corals and fish attitudes are very often different, Some people are huddled in the rock for a night rest while others are out.
Squid in psychedelic colors, Molluscs, Spanish dancers, will come your way, While you will need to go meet the turtles, Rays, Parrots, Angel and emperors fish to observe in their shelter they will leave at the break of day.