Tec diving and Nitrox in Seychelles, this is Trek Miscellaneous !
No extra charge for Nitrox diving

Called “Nitrox” (EAN) the mixture of oxygen + Nitrogen oxygen enriched. Diving with Nitrox has advantages : the percentage of nitrogen in the breathing mixture is lower than with the air. Therefore the dissolution of nitrogen in the tissues is also lower. As a result, you can dive more long than with air. After a dive with Nitrox, the fatigue would be less important than after a dive with air and the faster recovery.

The use of Nitrox, will allow you to more and longer dives by increasing security through a nitrogen saturation less than for equivalent air dives.

This benefit takes on its meaning in the Seychelles, because the temperature of the water (between 27 & 30 ° C !!!) allows successive dives. You can take up to 4 dives per day, with surface intervals of one hour during which you can enjoy sunbathing on the top deck of our yacht "Twin Sipirit", have a snack or a drink on the deck back or at the bar before returning to a new exploration. There is also facilities to watch your films and videos immediately after your dive and to recharge your devices, cameras and lights.

The consideration lies in the Nitrox-specific risks. The share of pressure due to the oxygen (partial pressure) in the breathing mixture shall not exceed 1,6 Bars. For example, with a blend to 40% oxygen, the divers must not exceed the depth of-30 m. In this regard, can be an interesting remark : If these divers descend to-25 m, the partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing mixture will be 1,4 bar. This corresponds to the partial pressure of oxygen in a scuba diving to -60m !

If we dive with Nitrox, levels of decompression calculations will have to be adapted to the type of used blend. The equipment must be serviced by taking special precautions because of the large amount of oxygen present.

For divers, in various Trek, We are equipped with two mixers NTS (Nitrox, Trimmix, System) will allow you to dive with a wide range of gaseous mixtures.

For those who want to discover Nitrox, We offer courses on 1 or 2 days at the end of which you will be issued a certification recognized around the world. (see "training".)

You can take your first steps to the Tec diving with us or hone your skills by participating in dives Tec hobbies or professional training.

On our floating diving Centre, the "Twin Spirit", You will benefit from the highest formation of an authorized standarts, of special equipment and requiring specially trained.