Hiking finning

The PMT or snorkeling is one of the great joys of Seychelles, It is often sufficient to the nose in the water to discover the underwater life. Useless clutter of masks, fins, Tubas, and combinations, you will have all the equipment on board the "Twin Spirit", our yacht, catamaran.

Exceptional sites are waiting for you, in shallow water at a temperature of 30 ° c., where, accompanied by a professional guide, You will discover the fauna, flora and underwater near the surface reliefs.

Sanctuary of most extraordinary underwater species than the other. Many areas are protected in order to preserve this marine heritage
Swim with a turtle, follow a parrot humpback, or surprise a clown fish in the sea anemone are unforgettable events that will make you love the Indian Ocean.
And even more ! If you decide to try diving bottle, You will have the opportunity to do a baptism of diving, framed by an instructor.

You can also drive an underwater scooter during our underwater excursions ; at the controls of your booster, eerily recalling a spacecraft, you move in water without effort on discovery routes specially selected for the beauty of the underwater.

The snorkeling, This is the dive in complete freedom. A mask, a tuba, a pair of flippers and go to observe the seabed.
This playful and sports activities at the same time open to all !!! even those who can not go diving for medical reasons.

No training is necessary, the snorkeling or the PMT in French (Fins, Mask, Tuba) is practiced all over the world without danger and without heavy and bulky equipment.