The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is considered to this day as the species marine largest Earth. If its observable size typically does not exceed 14 mèters, This specimen can reach in exceptional cases 18 meters for a weight of 34 tons !

This is impressive the more adventurous... But rest assured : This giant of the seas., with a white skin on the belly and blue-grey spotted with white on the back, is harmless to human. The plankton and krill, small cold-water shrimp, are enough to satisfy his appetite. Despite its fins pronounced, He can move his massive body at a speed of 5 km/h. The whale shark is characterised by its broad, flattened head, his eyes on the side, at the same level as her mouth, and its skin which can reach a thickness of 14 cm. A sacred breastplate !

There is little time yet, regularly between November and January, I remember to have attended to these impressive creatures fairy Ballet.
Climatic characteristics (tropical waters) as well as changes in currents make this geographic area a providential region to be able to approach the species.

Indeed, If they live most of the year in deep water, whale sharks take advantage of this season to go back and swim in quasi-surface. This certainly due to changes in water temperature and the proliferation of plankton.

Today, for reasons still hard to explain, their appearance is less regular and less rhythmic by seasons. We can meet at all times of the year.
The same phenomenon occurs also if there is interest in whales, humpback or Manta Rays.
However, We have found sites suitable for the meeting of the whale sharks, to the South East of Mahé.

Weapon of your snorkeling equipment (fins, mask and snorkel) your diving equipment or, you go to the meeting of the whale sharks ! Sometimes, they are sometimes up to tens to concentrate in this area rich in plankton. You can discover these enigmatic creatures and swim alongside them ! Marvel also before the impressive scale of the manta rays and the beauty of other marine species present in this place. After this unforgettable diving, You can share your impressions and your emotions while enjoying a good meal on board our yacht, the Twin Spirit.

The excursion offered by Trek miscellaneous promises you an unforgettable day, with meetings underwater breath !