Scooter submarines

In the early morning, After a night sky, a breakfast, and a detailed briefing, from the beach or from our yacht, with your roadbook you take control of your underwater scooter ** to propel you on the first dive of the day site...

Visit the Seychelles under water

Originally, in various Trek, the use of the underwater scooter intended for the identification of new shipwrecks underwater.

This way allows us to greater distances for the grid's areas of research. Equipped with a navigation system, a camera and halogen headlights, our propulsion engines are quickly becoming essential vehicles for underwater research.

Thanks to this extraordinary tool, the efforts on our travels have decreased, where air consumption significantly reduced , especially when progressions in contrary currents. By adding these benefits to the use of Nitrox, Dive times are significantly increased.

Today, We have a fleet of 8 professional gear (models used by the army, firefighters or companies in the work under- sailors), that we put at your disposal.

With our "Trek" routes, You can visit the Seychelles under water following routes selected to propel you from site to site. You can test your skills guidance and observation, and using the navigation equipment, and embedded camera. You have the choice between full autonomy or accompanied by an instructor of specialty Scooter submarine hiking.

Beginners or experienced, We offer training from level "leisure" to level Professional with recognized certifications worldwide : During these courses, You will learn the cockpit, safety rules, maintenance and repair bases, while enjoying the underwater excursions organization.


Our underwater scooters park consists of :

• 2 Suex ZEUXO 16
This professional diving scooter Zeuxo Suex 16 is intended for the amateur or professional diving and wreck diving : up to 120 depth meters.

• 6 Seadoo RS1
The fast and light this underwater vehicle of new generation you guaranteed excellent conduct diving and snorkeling !!


* specialty certification PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle or equivalent is required for the conduct of underwater scooters. You can get there by following a training 1 day (2 diving scooter + theory) , led by one of our instructors aboard our yacht Twin Spirit.