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115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean are the Seychelles. Its inner Islands are surrounded by shallow seabed and offer various dive spots. The spaces are little inhabited South of the archipelago where the outer islands. The coral barriers are excellent habitats for marine mammals.

On the granitic islands such as Mahe and Praslin, the waters are populated by colorful fish species. On the coral islands, Coral offer an unforgettable spectacle. For diving enthusiasts and water sports vacation in Seychelles, specialists recommend the Marianne island with one of the most famous spots of this archipelago.

Rich marine life

The waters of the inner islands of the Seychelles are a true paradise for divers due to the richness of its fauna. They will be able to meet a variety of fish such as scalars, mullet or hake during their diving in the Seychelles. Invertebrates such as Octopus and lobsters are identified, than even that of large marine species like reef shark. You can meet them in the inner islands of this archipelago.

The outer islands do not demerit, because they have a wide variety of species such as the grey shark reefs in its waters.

For dives period

The diving is practiced throughout the year while traveling to Seychelles. It must however take into account the direction and intensity of wind, as well as the situation of each island.

Between the months of April/may, and October/November, the temperature of the water is average 29 ° C, What is conducive to diving. During these periods, Divers will enjoy clear underwater water, up to 30 mèters. The waters are usually calm and gentle on the inner Islands, While those outside may be subject to the whim of the time.

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