Seychelles is a very special destination, another world. This archipelago very unspoilt natural beauty, Paradise, has always been a refuge for various species of fauna and flora, amongst the most preserved area in the world. This set of 115 granite and coral islands, extends to the South of the Equator, in the Western Indian ocean.

Heaven on earth, legends and stories of sunken ships and galleons, former haunt of pirates, the Seychelles archipelago is a tourist destination today for nature lovers.

Pearl among the Indian Ocean Pearl, colors range from shades of blue through the pristine white sand, the green of the lush vegetation and brown colors of the famous granite rocks rounded by time.

You will be captivated by so much natural beauty, the creole atmosphere, hospitality of the people and diversity of accommodation : from the traditional guesthouse to the luxury hotel.
Live in this Paradise of peace, You will leave with unforgettable memories.

Aware of the natural wealth of this archipelago, the Government of Seychelles monitors and protects the sites. All islands compete in beauty, and yet they are quite different from each other.
Nature lovers is next along the many footpaths for endemic species, birds and turtles. The Islands handset is required to discover the hidden treasures of these former pirate lairs.

Developed main islands like Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, wich have kept their beauty, small islands, real secret retreats, the Seychelles will be able to charm you with their authenticity and hospitality.
With its numerous activities such as bird watching, diving, fishing, hiking, Seychelles is the ideal destination for nature lovers.

Connoisseurs will tell you : "The best way to visit this paradise, it is the boat and walking ". You will be able to move from island to island, of anse to anse and Beach to Beach.

The density of the Islands in the archipelago allows very short sailing time to an island to another.

On Board the Twin Spirit, our yacht, catamaran, power boat, your boat's speed will allow you to visit the more far and more secret Islands.

The weather in the Seychelles

Warm and tropical climate throughout the year, the Seychelles Islands are visitables all along the year, Although some periods are more listed depending on the desired activities.

Two seasons are distinguished according to the winds. When wind blows from the North West from October to March, the wind speed is an average of 8 to 12 knots, and when the wind blows from South East, from May to September, winds reach 10 to 20 knots, bringing a little refresh air and a wind, conducive to navigation.

Periods of transition inter season from April through October, are usually warm enough with little wind. The best times for scuba diving are April/May and October/November, the temperature of the water sometimes up to 29ºC with more visibility of 30 mèters.
Out of cyclone zone : storms and severe thunderstorms are rare.

From September to April : the rainy season when the weather is hot and humid.

From May to October : season of the trade winds, cooler, dry and windy.

The temperatures range from 24 ° to 31 ° throughout the year. The evenings are rather fresh at certain times, consider taking a small wool.